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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starting Internally

Ok for optimal hair growth you have to start internally.

-Of course drinking lots of water
-drinking green tea
-lean proteins (if you’re vegetarian like me, soy products and tofu are full of protein)
-Legumes (which are found in beans)
-Fresh Fruit
-Leafy green Vegetables
-Vitamins increase scalp circulation like:
§  B3
§  B6
§  B12
§  Biotin aka Vitamin H (which can be found in egg yolk, legumes, and nuts)
§  Vitamin E
§  Vitamin A
§  Vitamin C
§  if you know you don't get your vitamins in, you should look into a supplement
§  Copper (which is found in nuts and seeds)
§  Zinc (which is found in proteins)
-Omega 3 (which is found in seafood. If you don't like sea food there are many supplements)
-Silicon dioxide: strengthens hair:  this can be found in potatoes’ skins, Cucumbers, and green and red peppers.
§  Saw Palmetto
§  Ginko Bilbao
§  Nettles
§  Rosemary
§  These herbs help to promote circulation, which aids hair growth.
If you have any questions on any of this please feel free to comment

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